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Behind The Lens


Hi there!

I'm Laura - The face behind Family Tree Photography


I fell in love with photography in the way that many new mothers do.  By capturing my own tiny son.  It was in those first few months of snapping images of bitty lashes, toes, and yawns that a passion was built to capture that for other families.  And now it's not just new baby details that I crave, it's following that same baby's family as they grow together as a new unit.  Capturing their connection and emotions between them.  Not just posed portraits, but moments where you can FEEL the love that binds them.  

My sessions are very relaxed.  I want you to be relaxed.  And so, I'm very real.  I'm very emotional.  If I capture an image that catches my breath, I may cry.  Why?  Because I know how precious it is to have REAL images of you and your family.  Real moments that you can look back on and remember exactly how it felt.  How hard you laughed together.  How tightly you hugged.  How sweet the kiss.  How soft the cheek..  

The sweet lashes, toes, and chubby cheeks of my baby are now almost 10 years old.  Moments I swore would last forever flew by in a blink.  But I have images of him laughing so hard, I can hear the giggle when I look at them.  I have images of him crying, because it's not always sunshine and roses.  I have photos of him looking out the window with his mouth open because he likes to sing while he stares.  I have snapshots of his fingers brushing the grass because he loves the feeling of freshly mowed blades running along the underside of his hand.  I choose to capture him this way because Its real.  It's our life with him.  And it evokes a memory.  Every single image does that.  And I live to capture those moments for anyone who asks me to..  

Photo credit | Bobbi Sheridan 2015 


All images COPYRIGHT Laura Fiorillo for Family Tree Photography 2017